Making your own vegan minced meat is a great way to satisfy your cravings while fully controlling what goes in it. In this recipe, I used TVP for meat, beetroot to give it colour and cacao butter for fat.

High-Protein Vegan Minced Meat

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Easy to make delicious tofu scramble high in protein and many essential nutrients. Pair it with toast and kimchi for a perfect breakfast meal!

Vegan Tofu Larb requires minimal cooking and explodes with flavours. This dish integrates savoury, sweet, spicy notes, freshness, and crunch from healthy and flavourful plant-based ingredients.

Homemade tofu is an inexpensive, nourishing, protein and nutrient-rich food. It’s incredibly versatile, absorbing the flavours of whatever marinade you prepare.

Olivier is a common Russian dish, which is traditionally served on holidays and gatherings. My Olivier doesn’t contain animal products and is much lighter than the traditional version.

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