Fancy some tacos? The Chorizo-flavoured vegan meat accompanied by Mexican rice, delicate coconut yoghurt, and fresh salsa will leave your cravings in check!

Vegan Mexican Chorizo Rice Tacos

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Making your own vegan minced meat is a great way to satisfy your cravings while fully controlling what goes in it. In this recipe, I used TVP for meat, beetroot to give it colour and cacao butter for fat.

Easy to make delicious tofu scramble high in protein and many essential nutrients. Pair it with toast and kimchi for a perfect breakfast meal!

Vegan Tofu Larb requires minimal cooking and explodes with flavours. This dish integrates savoury, sweet, spicy notes, freshness, and crunch from healthy and flavourful plant-based ingredients.

Homemade tofu is an inexpensive, nourishing, protein and nutrient-rich food. It’s incredibly versatile, absorbing the flavours of whatever marinade you prepare.

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