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Valeria Dolbel

I'm a nutritional therapist and beauty nutrition practitioner specialising in plant-based nutrition and holistic gut, hormone and skin health. In other words, I help people to transition and maintain a balanced plant-based diet to achieve radiant health!

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People often say: “I want to go plant-based, but….”

From my observations, here are the five most common reasons why some hesitate to make that happen. Please note that I’m talking about people with the resources to make a change, not someone impacted by food insecurity.

1. The person does not have a clear motive for why that lifestyle change is necessary for them. For example, someone who shifts to a plant-based diet or vegan lifestyle usually would be motivated by genuine love and empathy for the animals, an understanding of environmental issues, or personal health problems.

2. The person thinks they have these motives. Still, they are unaware of the statistics supporting their transition, as they rely on their spouses, bloggers on social media or friends at the gym for information about the latest health and wellness trends.

3. The lack of education makes the person sensitive to negative comments about veganism or plant-based eating for health. A good example is when one person struggles to change their diet because their significant other has a biased opinion about “grass eaters” and an enormous love for steak.

4. The person is aware of their health issues and the incredible health benefits of plant-based diets. Still, the lack of outside support pushes them further from the idea of change, encouraging toxic relationships with food and themselves.

5. The person feels guilty about change, as it might affect their relationship with particular people in events when food is involved—for example, saying “no” to a cheeseburger on a night out with friends or avoiding a pig roast at the family house. People often don’t like to feel like outsiders and prefer to stay quiet about their real intentions and desires.

Finding a safe space and support group is crucial for someone looking to improve their lifestyle and eating habits.

As you see, all these reasons include other people, as, by nature, we are social creatures and a lot of our decisions can be influenced by others.

For that reason, you might notice that someone you know on that journey is distant, and it might feel like they are being selfish, but it takes a lot of courage and determination to build new habits and a lifestyle.

That’s why working with a plant-based nutritional therapist can help anyone struggling to make a significant change!

A qualified nutritional therapist can help set new goals and provide evidence-based information and guidelines while paying thorough attention to one’s physical and emotional well-being. 

There’s no shame in getting some guidelines and support from a professional to make the transition to a plant-based diet more enjoyable and effective. If it’s something you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


”I feel amazing, I have had so much more energy over the past 3 weeks, my skin and complexion have improved, no more bloating and the best is I have more clarity about my life. I’ve gained so much from doing this and I want to continue these good habits. Thank you Valeria Dolbel for helping me with this upgrade and reset. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

-Michelle R.

“Valeria is very passionate and knowledgeable on following a plant-based diet to improve overall health. "

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