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Valeria Dolbel

I'm a nutritional therapist and beauty nutrition practitioner specialising in plant-based nutrition and holistic gut, hormone and skin health. In other words, I help people to transition and maintain a balanced plant-based diet to achieve radiant health!

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Did you know that you can restore the gut microbiome and reset taste buds with the help of minimally processed, wholesome plant foods? It’s specifically crucial if you are trying to transition to a plant-based diet but don’t find any plant-based meals tasty. It is usually a sign that your taste buds dulled from overeating meat, dairy, sugar, salt and processed foods.

The thing is that you don’t need to eat terribly to get your sense of taste hijacked by all the highly flavoured foods that are so common in a typical western diet. For example, excessive sugar and salt can be hidden in many “healthy-looking” foods like dairy, pre-packaged meals, protein bars, dips, cereal etc. In addition, foods like processed meats/ red meats feed pathogenic bacteria, which thrives and multiplies, influencing your cravings and eating habits.


If you are not a stranger to highly processed foods, you most likely already experienced some withdrawal-like symptoms when trying to cut back on junk foods like conventional chocolate, chips, burgers, and fries. The reason why junk food taste so great is not a matter of coincidence. It’s highly addictive because it causes a release of dopamine in the brain, hitting the so-called “bliss point” – the right combination of excess salt, sugar and fat. Food giants spend millions to find the “bliss point” for each food, which triggers our brain to release “the happy hormone”, which makes us feel good temporary. Unfortunately, with time we become less sensitive to these foods and have to eat more to get the same dopamine rush and feel withdrawal if we don’t get it.

Why is retraining taste buds important for someone with skin concerns?

If you find yourself craving junk foods more than usual, it can be a sign that your body needs a little reset. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of food, quite the opposite. Instead, you have to reintroduce raw and minimally processed plant foods that provide essential nutrients in abundance! This step is crucial to reprogram your taste buds to eat healthier if you transition to a beauty diet for skin health.

A beauty diet is a whole food plant-based diet focused on preventing rapid skin ageing and healing inflammatory skin conditions like acne. Balanced plant-based diets have been proven to reduce inflammation in the body, promote gut health and contribute to younger-looking skin. Whole foods are high in antioxidants and fibre, which have protective properties against skin ageing by lengthening telomeres and supporting gut microbiome diversity.

So if you want to reboot your health, make sure you plan it for at least 14 up to 30 days. In this time, you are more likely to create new habits and food preferences. I personally a huge believer that a “whole foods reset” is necessary for anyone struggling with food cravings and health issues, as that’s precisely how my wellness journey started years ago.

I have created a PDF guide for your convenience, which you can download on your phone or print and put on the fridge for inspiration. It takes you through eight simple steps to reset your taste buds to gain back control over your cravings and love for healthy foods.


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”I feel amazing, I have had so much more energy over the past 3 weeks, my skin and complexion have improved, no more bloating and the best is I have more clarity about my life. I’ve gained so much from doing this and I want to continue these good habits. Thank you Valeria Dolbel for helping me with this upgrade and reset. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

-Michelle R.

“Valeria is very passionate and knowledgeable on following a plant-based diet to improve overall health. "

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